Tasty Treats of Treviso

Discover the flavors of Treviso!

Book a culinary tour to discover the authentic products of this charming Italian city.

From the renowned ‘ombra de vin’ expression to the iconic Spritz, uncover the fascinating stories behind these traditional Venetian aperitifs.

And don’t miss the chance to savor the original recipe of the legendary Tiramisu, the king of Treviso cuisine.

Together we will have two culinary stops and, at the same time, we will explore the city center, its vibrant heart and beautiful neighbourhoods.

Experience the joy of strolling through the picturesque streets lined with elegant palazzi: in Treviso, art, history, and ancient traditions are still enclosed by historic walls.

Treat yourself to the opportunity to discover the real spirit of ‘good life’ of the locals and join us on a beautiful two-hour tour like no other!